NEW service app


We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Ford Service App!

This user friendly app brings a lot of very useful features right to your fingertips.Wherever you are going in Ireland and the rest of Europe, the new Ford Service app makes sure you’re always on top of the situation providing you with lots of useful features and the help you need.

Download it for free here:



The new App is divided into six sections, which are displayed as six icons on the screen. Each section is
designed to assist customers when travelling either in Irealnd or across Europe alike:

In case of an emergency
Using the phone’s GPS, the App can locate Customers wherever they are in Europe,
connecting them to emergency services and the Ford Assistance helpline* if required. This
section also contains useful information on securing the scene of an accident, first
aid tips and a damage report that can be used in the event of an insurance claim.
* Customers with a valid Ford (Roadside) Assistance certificate only

On the road
This section has lots of advice to help Customers when they travel, such as a road trip / holiday
checklist, a vehicle check list, a petrol station finder and the Park Me feature. The Park Me
feature will use the phone’s GPS system to help customers locate their vehicle easily, as well
as the ability to make notes on parking times and parking levels.

Offers and promotions
Here the Customer can find an Owner Benefits section, which provides information on the
various elements of Ford Accessories along with Ford BlueService and Ford Motorcraft
sections, with information on offers for vehicles pertaining to these campaigns.

This section contains handy information on EU traffic rules, international traffic signs and a
Ford technology guide to view useful videos explaining remarkable technologies on Ford

In this section, the warning symbols shown on the vehicle instrument panel are explained,
divided into each vehicle line (including commercial vehicles). Please note: this advice does not
replace the information contained in the owner’s manual.