Ford B-MAX


The Ford B-MAX has been developed especially for today’s modern family life. While compact in size, its easy-access door system gives you a 1.5m wide aperture to a class-leading, spacious and refined interior.

B-MAX also has a multitude of technologies to make driving easier, more enjoyable and more efficient. For example, Active City Stop helps prevent collisions in slow-moving traffic, by automatically braking for you, if necessary. With Ford SYNC® you can control your music and phone, with simple voice commands – SYNC® can even read out your text messages.

B-MAX’s ingenious door system is a parent’s dream. Putting a child-seat or buggy in the back is child’s play, with no side pillar in the way! Add 5-star safety, space, economy and reliability, and the family-friendly B-MAX covers all bases.

Ford SYNC. Advanced hands-free technology

With Ford SYNC, you can control your music, make and receive calls on your mobile all by using simple direct voice commands. As well as reading out text messages, it plays songs from a USB or MP3 and can stream music from a Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone. This advanced SYNC system also has Emergency Assistance. In the unlikely event of an accident this technology uses your mobile phone to call the emergency services and notifies them of your location.

The B-MAX brakes for you, to avoid low speed collisions

The innovative Active City Stop helps you soften, or even avoid, a collision in slow-moving traffic or at speeds up to 30 kmh. If the system detects the car in front has unexpectedly stopped, it automatically applies the brakes.

Extra control during hill starts

Hill Start Assist stops you rolling backwards when making a hill start. The system works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 2.5 seconds, giving you more time and control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator.

A quieter way to travel

A wide range of measures have been taken to minimise noise and vibration from the engine, the road and the wind. In particular, the new easy-access door system has a sophisticated door seal system to eliminate wind noise.

A better view from a higher driving position

The B-MAX gives you a clear view of the traffic ahead, from the elevated height of your driving seat. It’ll make you feel more confident behind the wheel, even on the busiest roads.

An early warning if a tyre is going flat

If any of your tyres start to deflate during your journey, the Deflation Detection System will alert you by giving you an audible warning and lighting up an icon on the instrument panel giving you advance warning to pull over to safety.

Some features referenced above may be optional extras at additional cost.